The Bookie

The Bookie on MMAWeekly says he only got two wrong this past week. Seems to me he called the Colorado game wrong. Am I missing something?

"20-13 record) Huge week for the Bookie. Only game he missed was the Raiders in the NFL and Tennesse in college! Still has Monday night game going tonight.

Colorado +7 @ Missouri - Colorado getting points, this play is live!
Coach Barnett knows how to beat his alma mater 5-0 in past games, load up here"


"Am I missing something?"

Yes, bookies lie.

LOL law dog,

Is The Bookie padding his record? Ryan Bennett can you help me out on this. Is this an oversight or am I messing things up.

Ace Wellerstein
He goes by Bookie on MMAWeekly.

Maybe Odessa knows about him. Odessa can you help me out.