Newest craze? or just a fad?

garbage decision.

horrendous decision.

I predict between 43-45 threads about that very subject

Correct decision.

For the record... the butt bonk won that fight.

the atomic butt drop rules all

no doubt

Mark Hunt took a running leap and jumped ass-first into Silva, thereby securing the decision, and will soon be one of the best GIFs that the UG has ever seen.

That reminded me of a Yokozuna but-splash from the old WWF days.

funny sh!t


But funny and painful looking. A 275 pound flying butt drop's gotta hurt!

Clearly the greatest move in MMA history!

The atomic butt drop is an instant classic.

Definitely the newest weapon in my arsenal. It just trumped the Sakuraba cartwheel as the most effective attack.

That gave new meaning to the term "dropping ass".

performs perfectly executed flying butt splash on the collective face of the UG

You better not use that weapon unless you have an ass comperable to Hunts substantial one.

The Atomic Butt Drop

Couture has just named the newest mma technique.

The Atomic Butt Drop.