The Cage is Unlocked

Sad to see SiriusXM UTC closing out. Really enjoyed Jimmy Smith’s take on MMA happenings and of course his torturing of Zac. I will miss it on my ride home. Good luck guys.

Jimmy Smith is knowledgeable but doesn’t really have the name or personality to stand on his own, hence his show wasn’t that big. He would be better with a Josh Thomson / John McCarthy type show. Maybe he’ll find a co-host and come back with something new.


Jimmy smith? The bellator guy? He’s good. Not great, but he’ll be okay. We can all only name about 6 good guys who do that. He’s one of em.

I was a fan as well- “The K crew” with Kelly and KOB and yes- the early verbal abuse of Zach was fun.

Are they replacing the show or adding a new host?

I liked Jimmy but, I still miss Luke Thomas.Jimmy was likable but, Luke was such a know it all asshole. Made for provocative radio.

Jimmy is moving on to boxing. Sounded like the show would find a replacement.