The Challenger Muay Thai (take a look UG)

Imagine Group brings you a hot new show The challenger Muay Thai, produced by my good friend and childhood neighbor Sammy Gollestani. It pits 16 fighters in an elimination format for a 100k cash prize and a title belt that will be defended the second season. The format is along the lines of Tough Enough , or the Contender (both produced by Sammy) and should be an awesome show. Please drop by their Facebook page and show some support for my good friend and all his hard work. Here is the link.
If you like the sound of this press LIKE. Feel free to ask any questions about the show and they will all be answered for you on the facebook page. Thanks again UG.


Im on the show go like my page on there along with the shows page!

Sammy is a cool cat...I enjoyed working with him.

Im really hoping this puts Muay Thai on the map!

Michael Corley


 Is this going to air on TV?

ttt for more info

airs mid september on axn-asia...i think they are still working on a deal for usa, australia, and uk

i HDNET covers this.