The curtains are lifted

LOL at this.

Got my blue years ago and basically took 2 years off because I moved away and had a bad bjj experience where I moved to. I was 160 when I left and blew up to 240. When I came back home I lost some weight from starting again and cruised around 220 for months. I don't know what happened maybe because I started eating a leaf now and then and I'm down to 170 since the last maybe 6 months.

It's insane at how much a few pounds forced me to drastically change my game. Been a purp for a year now and I find myself playing a lot of bottom because my top game is much harder to maintain. I was a top guy and armbars was my friend, now I play bottom and triangles is a new love.

Anyone else lose a bunch of weight and experience new things in bjj? If you guys have any advice I'd love to hear it.