The Deadliness never ends.

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that's some of the deadliest shit i've ever seen

The sad part is those wrstlock things are what they teach in law enforcement. No wonder they have to go to the sticks and tasers so often.

I am just amazed how people have not caught on to training against a resisting opponent works wonders.

LOL That is one cool dude. You can tell he thinks he's the shiz. Something I've noticed about "cool" people is that they don't explain things very well, mainly because they are too busy trying to look cool. They don't show you in slow motion, they use minimal amounts of words, and they try not to exert themselves too much so as not to break a sweat.

The way that one guy keeps falling reminds me of the Shamrock flop during the Rich Franklin fight. Franklin is so bad they had to work that fight so that he wouldn't lose to Shammy.

(hopes CRE makes an appearance)

The sad thing is, there are people who go to these things and walk away thinking it works and that they are bad individuals because they know how to do it.