The extra ordinary

A thai jump rope is plyable industrial tubing with jump rope handles. When jumping the weight is in the centrifical force of the rope. Weilding the rope during a workout will work most your entire body at the same time. If you ever use one then you will understand there is quite a difference between a Thai rope and any normal ropes.

A double jump yes is when you jump a little higher and speed the rope a little faster. One jump two spinns on the rope. If you ever saw the movie with Daniel Day Lewis "The Boxer" he does some in one of his training sequences.

Great reply Hayashi, not everyone can become champions because of this or that, missed opportunities I say, family or jobs or got too injured before a match ect. but those incredible people are out there. Maybe they're not famous or head instructors or champions but they're amazing none the less. Sometimes those are who the champions think about when they make it. Kinda makes you inspired when seeing things like your instructor.

Listening to talk radio, the other day, they came up with four things that make the extra ordinary cream of the crop top athletes. Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods ect.

1) Sence of family: most important source of motivation.

2) Quality instruction: Instructors repeating things over and over.

3) The best athletes are the people who deal with adversity well. It relaxes muscles and certian parts of the brain.

4) Conditioning and prescribed programs that cannot be deviated from.

Aside from athletes in the lime light what kinds of extra ordinary things have you*seen* from your teacher, peer, student that they did that was extra out of the ordinary, athletic wise as well as ring wise. Doing things under extreme conditions. Something that blew you away.
I.E. I saw someone take a Thai jump rope and do continuous n double jumps for 3 min. Pro fighter from Europe. Names arn't necessary.

Good thread idea.?What is a THAI jump rope and what do you mean by double jump(letting the rope pass between your feet twice?)


First time met my teacher, with no warm ups, no tapes or gloves and from the normal guard stance he just hits the banana bag in the gym, makes a big Bang! sound, the bag hardly moves and leaves a dent in it. I guess he's been training for so long his muscles and body is always relax and ready to spring into action. Anyway, me and a couple of other guys that were there were just like....@_@??