The Forbidden Kingdom


I will be seeing it.

Jet Li and Jackie Chan in the same movie. Too bad they are on the same side. Woulda been a good fight.

Bet you remember those 10 minutes though

Previews look good. I'll be seeing it as well.

I like how that looks! I'm in!

"He's got no Gung Fu" LOL luv it.

It seems even though they are on the same side it looks as though there are several fight scenes between them.

Anyone know who the kid traveller is? He looks familiar.

TTT for me finding a martial arts movie and not getting flamed by the UG for wanting to see it!!!!

I have great taste!!! LOL

Wait, that sounded gay.


Beep! :-)


Le Shat

Their on the same side, but theyre rivals before joining forces, so Im guessing they fight alot in the movie.

Should be at least two decent size fights scenes between the two of them.