The former supreme leader tells Joe Rogan stop apologizing

Nice liberal leaning jabs in the OP

It wasn’t misinformation, it was information ahead of its time.

Think Ariel leaking the Brock return. It was accurate but was not the timing the powers to be (Dana) wanted it disclosed.

Again, the science didn’t change, the political science changed.



The leftist totalitarians are sinking.
Cucked blue states can thank the Canadian truckers for fighting on their behalf.


Ah. America the great.

Yea he is a major douche. Just like the guy we have now. Both awful. I bet you only post about one of them though

Why apologize to a bunch of mental patients who already hate him for allowing men of science to speak freely.

Lol at the OP title…is this faggot Burgers really Elias?

Both are equally terrible. 1 is a cuck, and the other, also a cuck.

Trump should be president of the fucking universe