The Fuss about Tyson

What's the reason behind all the fuss we make about
Tyson? I'm guilty of it too, but I wonder what is it
about this guy that fascinates us? Even years after
his prime, he's still held up as this terror. Boxing
folks, MMA folks, TMA folks all hold him up as this
boogy man.

Screw Michael Jordon, Tyson may well be the most
charismatic athlete of the last 20 years.

I love the fact that Tyson can reference Alexander the Great, Caligula, eating children, Jack Dempsey, prison rape, and Greek mythology all in a single sound bite. I can't think of another heavyweight champ who had this rare talent.

He was so great and fell so far

"Plus Tyson is the biggest badass in the history of the HW division, he makes Sonny Listen look like a fag. "

Tyson went to prison for kicking 55 year old men and raping 22 year old women while Liston went for breaking a cops fucking arm. He also worked for the mob, intimidating and beating the fucking shit out of anyone he was told to. I hate to glorify any kind of criminal lifestyle, but Sonny was 10 times more baddass than Tyson and didn't have a sissy voice either.

westcoast, have you seen any of Liston's fights?

Liston fought on with a broken jaw; has Tyson ever proved to us he can do that? Liston was bigger framed than Tyson, taller, with better reach, and weighed about the same as Tyson. I'd say his power was at least equal, though considering how much bigger Listons hands were, he may have hit harder than Tyson. In handspeed Tyson has the edge, as well as in head movement. I won't go as far as to say prime Liston would destroy Tyson, but he would be better than anyone Tyson ever faced in his career.

Yeah people love to see 1 punch k.o. power,that's why
they are the biggest hypocrits and fighters should do
nothing for them,but everything for themselves.When
Tyson was destroying everyone put in front of him
after he won the title,his ratings started to go
down.They got bored with his ability to k.o. guy's out
quick,that's how fickle people are.

I can understand Liston going down to the Ali punch. It hit him pretty good but to not get up is reprehensible.

Well sure if you think of him as some kind of
"warrior," a phrase that people like to throw around
a bunch these days. But he wasn't, he never was.
He was a classic bully. A lazy man at heart who
always took the easy way out.

He fought because it was an easier way to make more
money than robbing people. A tough guy thug, Liston
wasn't a guy who had the heart of a lion. Tough
enough to fight with a broken jaw, but thug enough
to just say "fuck this shit" after Ali knocked him

Tyson was physically tough and willing to take a beating. However, he was never tough enough to prevent himself from giving up mentally when he decided that he couldn't win.

3 out of the 4 times tyson was soundly defeated in the ring, he took his beating like a man
(Douglas, Holyfield, Lewis)

obviously the exception is Holyfield II