The GOAT: Anderson Silva



cool period

im a fan of both, anderson just put himself over a few moments ago.




How is there any debate? He just knocked out a guy who had never been knocked out without even breaking a sweat, and did it with just three strikes -- a kick straight out of a movie (or a playful sparring session), and two laser guided missiles on the ground. He submitted the two best wrestlers in the division in Sonnen and Henderson (until Askren moves up), ruined all the best strikers, toyed with one of the two guys tied as best submission fighters, and humiliated the well-rounded Franklin and Marquardt. Also moved up and put on an absurd display of domination against a former 205 champ.

People are totally undercutting (like they did with Tim and AA post Fedor) how touted Franklin, Henderson (who was only barely beaten for the LHW title), Marquardt were coming into the Anderson bouts. And now he's crossed off how many BJJ BBs, an elite striker with power, speed, wrestling and BJJ.......lets not forget that it not like he lost to Chael and avenged it, ala GSP/Serra or Hughes, he took Sonnen out the first time and not by flakey dec, he tapped the MF out!

Im a fan of Fedor, GSP, Aldo, Shogun, etc but at this point in time, Anderson just conclusively took home the P4P and GOAT straps as well as his record UFC title home last night until proven otherwise.

TheShogunEra - Fedor

Fedor's record is still phenomenal but Anderson put himself up a notch last night, its undeniable esp since like Fedor, i dunno, "lost" via "submission" not long ago.

Anderson is undoubtedly the P4P king. Anytime he has been in the octagon with a serious threat it always brings the best out of him. IDK if id call him the GOAT just yet even though a case can be made for him. However if Anderson defeats GSP then there no no question he is the GOAT.

^ He has accomplished more than GSP at this point and in more impressive fashion. Rankings, P4P king, GOAT can all change month to month, year to year but as of TODAY, Anderson kicked the shit out of the question.

Aiolos - fedor still better

fedor has beaten better opposition

Franklin (top 2, maybe #1, on long streak)
Franklin (top 3)
Marquardt (top 5, on long streak)
Henderson (top 2 or top 3)
Maia (top 5, only one loss before and none since)
Sonnen (top 3)
Belfort (most would have him top 10 on ability, but not on record)
Forrest (top 5 in next division up, one loss away from back to back wins over Shogun and Rampage)

That's higher ranked, and more legitimately ranked fighters, than Fedor has beaten. What's even more telling is that the guys Anderson has utterly humiliated are almost all STILL at or near those high rankings now. There can be no argument that they were "exposed" -- he is just that good.

Nog (1, long streak)
Herring (top 10 [due to crappiness of division])
Nog (top 3)
Crocop (top 3, streak)
Hunt (top 10 solely by virtue of a split decision over Crocop)
Sylvia (top 5, lost two of his last three and been stopped twice since by non-top 100s)
Arlovski (top 5 [god knows how] and lost both his following fights)
Rogers (top 10 solely by virtue of one flurry on Arlovski, destroyed by Overeem immediately after and looked crappy against Warpath by all accounts)

Where are those guys ranked now? Did Hunt and Rogers ever establish themselves as legit top 10s, or just guys who got there via a single favorable matchup?

Anyone who suggests Fedor is the best of all time is a fucking moron.

Fedor hasn't fought the top contender in the HW division since 2005.

There was a tourney with Big Nog, Crocop, werdum, Barnett, Hunt, etc.. Did fedor enter the tourney where all the best HW's at the time were fighting? NO. He fought Zulu and mark coleman.

After Crocop won the tourney making him the top contender did Fedor fight crocop? no. He fought Mark Hunt.

After Randy Molested Tim Sylvia did Fedor fight him? NO. He fought a 185lber Matt Lindland.

After Gonzaga kicked Crocops (the lineal top contender's) head to the second row did Fedor fight him? NO.

After Randy crushed Gonzaga unifying who the top contender is did Fedor fight Randy? NO, He fought Hong Man Fucking Choi.

After Brock beat Randy and Frank Mir Crushed Big Nog, Did fedor fight either of them? NO, He fought Tim Sylvia a guy who lost 2 of his last 3 fights and then took a step even further back by fighting arlovski - a guy who couldnt even beat tim sylvia or stay atop the UFC HW divsion when it only consisted of him and tim sylvia.

When Brock beat Mir to once again unify who the top contender is did fedor fight brock? No he fought Brett Fucking Rogers - the tire mechanic who just fought to a draw with warpath.

After Brock Beat Carwin did Fedor fight Brock? No, he fought a hand picked opponent who was a 2-2 UFC castoff who choked him out in 60 seconds.

Fedor isnt even in the same league as guys like chuck, Matt Hughes, BJ penn, etc...(forget about comparing him to GSp or Anderson) These guys kept fighting the best - the top contenders until they lost to the best going out on their shields.

Fedor has ducked the lineal top contender since 2005 and got choked out by a hand picked opponent.

This stupid talk of "Fedor still fought top 10 opponents in between the freak show zulu fights"... that doesnt mean shit. When you control who you fight there's always a fighter these idiot fanboys rank in the top 10 who's a stylistic dream for you.

Imagine if Hughes never fought GSP for the second time and instead left the UFC and fought freak fights and in between fought and beat guys like Karo Partsian (bypassing guys like Alves, Fitch, kos, shields, etc...).

The idiots would still think Hughes is the best WW in the world. Then Imagine if Matt got choked out by a guy like Ricardo Almeida. They'dd still be saying "he just got caught" and rank Ricardo in the top 5.

These morons would today be saying that Hughes would beat guys like Fitch, Alves, GSP.

This stupidity is the byproduct of all the closet pro-wrestling fans this sport has attracted. Stupid cunts who dont know shit.

GOATs never losses to cans

MMALOGIC - Anyone who suggest Fedor is even a consideration for best of all time is a fucking moron.

Fedor is in consideration for best of all time.

Nuetraman - GOATs never losses to cans

And 10ers shouldnt really be part of this conversation.