The Grill, Big Cat, LeoV and Rader added to ADCC!

ADCC 2009 - 3 more invitees . . . Breaking News: Another "hot" name added, now 4 new names
Submitted by:Kid Peligro / Sr Editor
Posted on : 8/19/2009

Another round of names has been released by the ADCC Committee for the 2009 Worlds. The short list is comprised of none other than "The Big Cat" Tom Erickson, Leo Vieira and Justin Rader.

Erickson was a force in MMA and is a top tier wrestler with a great history and a veteran of ADCC fighting in the over 99KG, Leozinho Vieira is a 2 times ADCC World Champion (-65.9KG) and one of the most dynamic fighters ever to step on the mats. Justin Rader competed in both ADCC USA trials coming in 2nd both times (-65.9KG) , however his performance caught the eyes of the committee and he receives an invitation to the big show.

To check out Leo Vieira Highlight

For Justin Rader. USA match

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Breaking News: a fourth and very competitive name has been added to the list, in the under 76.9KG is American Bill Cooper. Cooper is considered one of the the submission competitors in America if not the World, his dynamic and aggressive game should fit very well in ADCC! The Under 76.9 KG category is getting SUPER STRONG! Watch out!

When contacted Bill stated: "It is an honor to be invited for ADCC 2009. It is a lifetime dream come true. I can't wait to get there to represent Jiu-Jitsu, Submisison Grappling, my academy, my friends and my Country. I promise I'll be ready to give a great performance. See you in Barcelona!"