The Guillotine Guard - A new form of Guard Control

The Guillotine Guard is a new form of Guard Control that can be used from a variety of positions in No-Gi & MMA. It is a ver powerful control that will give you solid sumissions and good transitions into other strong positions. In my opinion once it is looked it is one of the strongest forms of guard control.

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Table of contents

Volume 1 – Closed Guard


Arm-In Guillotine

100% Control – 3 Control Positions

Clearing the arm – The double Underhooks

The „Dumb Triangle“

Double Underhooks – Triangle

Double Underhooks – Hammerlock

Transition into Arm De La Riva

Arm De La Riva – Stickshift Armbar

100% Knee Shield to Straight Armbar

100% Knee Shield to Guillotine

100% Knee Shield to Back Take (Side Guard)

About Sweeps

Dealing with the Stack


Volume 2 - Open & Butterfly Guard

Arm-in Guillotine

100% Control

Arm Saddle


Straight Armbar

Failed Back Take

Arm De La Riva – Stickshift Armbar

Arm De La Riva – Reverse Triangle

Arm De La Riva – Reverse Triangle – Backside 50/50 Heel Hook

Get up

More about control

Entries into the Guillotine Guard from different positions


Why would you put another man in between your legs? That’s gay af, bro. 


ttt 4 the Guillotine Guard



More great content coming from you. Planning on purchasing this.

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Thanks I am always trying to deliver a product that people feel worth buying.


Save money with the DVD bundle

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I’ll check it out.

Ees not normal?


I was thinking about this thread in the other thread about never trying to attempt a guillotine choke from guard in competition. The guillotine choke seems to be an all-are-nothing submission. Anyone think the guillotine guard will catch on?

I don’t know Lloyd, the French are assholes.

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awesome technique


I’d be amazed if it dose.
I’d be glad to be wrong.

We use the Guillotine Guard for a couple of month and it is a staple of my guard work if my opponent is on his knees. It is not the only guard I use but a big part of what I do.

Ususally it is either 2 on 1 to side guard or Guillotine Guard or I switch from one to another.

Once the 100% Control is in it is very easy to sweep or transition into other moves. I am pretty sure you will see this Guard in MMA too.

It definitely looks interesting.

I can’t comment too much with the limited footage but my issue is " how hard is it to get to that position when the opponent is defending with forearm on biceps or elbow to ribcage “.
It’s the getting to that position where the devil lies in the details.
It’s like saying " I have a new guard position, I just spin them upside down and have a fully locked in RNC with hooks in, no can defence.”