The Halle Berry MMA movie trailer, is here!

Looks terrible.

Lifetime drama with mma as an underlying subplot.

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I cringe every time I hear “Jackie Justice”

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The name is ironic since Halle Berry used to be married to David Justice.


She’s still a damn fine-looking mulatto woman

jurassic park deal with it GIF

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watch your mouth call halle berry lame!

I bet her walkout song is by Daughtry.

When she was married to Eric benet she was in Milwaukee a lot. She walked into a bar I was in once and took the air out of the room.

It was crazy

Also caught her man with a bish on his lap lol.

He was in the room down the hall from us at the billboard awards in Vegas a few years later and he didn’t remember me lol. But he remembered the day!

For context, this was monsters ball hallie berry

He cheated on her consistently.

Israel Adesanya is in this movie. Nice acting debut. 1:14 in.

Cracking Up Lol GIF by Originals

you must be some kind of fucking genius