"The Hammer" straight to DVD?

Has anyone seen it? Is it worth watching?

 id like to see it..its really a damn good story

I'm not surprised. I thought the trailer looked pretty shitty.
Not hating- I think Matt is a cool guy and deserves anything good coming to him

Who played Danny Abbadi? Phone Post

JeffersonDArcyChoke - Who played Danny Abbadi?
Probably Danny Abbadi. It's not like he has anything else going on.

It did not go straight to DVD...just played in select theaters.

I liked it. But the wrestling was pretty bad Phone Post

KrzyBnzJnz - I think Jon Jones ruined this movies theater potential...
Yeah, he didn't exactly end his MMA career on a high note either.

 I liked it, Adam Carolla is a funny guy.

Danny Abbadi is played by Oswaldo Castillo.