THE HOBBIT: four fkng stripes!

holy shits i loved this movie. so well done. gd you peter jackson. gdi perfection

Idk why I never got into the LOTR movies.

It's probably because I'm a closet homosexual Phone Post

gdi just watched it again not in 3d. just as good!

seeing it tonight. not overly excited to see it, but i feel obligated since the books were my favorite reads when i was a kid.

i kinda feel the same way about Dune and Blade Runner.

he does the books major justice

Damn I feel dumb. I never read shit as a kid...I don't know when I'd even have had the time. I was outside constantly unless it was dinner or bedtime.

...and now I'm borderline agoraphobic. Go figure.

How do the Hobbits work into all this, and what about this it a prequel to LOTR?

it's a perfect prequel.

the hobbits work into this because of the ring's power to corrupt and control. they are the only race that is innocent enough to offset it's control to carry it to the volcano where it was forged to be destroyed--in a nutshell.

it makes perfect sense see?

Hobbits is just another word for Hapa.

Hapa Midget. Hobbit.
See? Phone Post

hapas are not innocent. they are evil.

Himmy is hapa and therefor spreading disinformation. Feel the evil.

I watched this in 48 frames per second in 3d and thought that it didn't look real. Strange as the detail was so crisp maybe it was too real. Dunno. The whole thing was too much for my eyes to handle and my wife felt the same way. Phone Post

lol after reading reviews i watched it in normal 3d and non 3d, but not the 48fps, so i enjoyed it immensely. :)

48fps 3d? normal 3d? whaaa?

saw it at Ward's 3d.

looked amazing.

particularly when they first show Erebor and the nearby town.