the JJ school in Freehold NJ?

whats the name of the school in Freehold NJ?

I'm from that area. Can you be more specific ?

I know of a school in Western Freehold that offered BJJ classes like once a week. A Renzo student named Danny Ivey had taught there. I'm not sure if that school is the one you are talking about.

There is also a Muay Thai school in Morganville, Fatjo's Martial Arts, that has BJJ classes offered by Fernando Cabeca, a Machado BJJ Black Belt from Brazil.

I don't know of any others.

yeah Does Danny Ivey teacher there anylonger?

Not positive - He used to teach on Weds. if I'm correct. That school I think, was a Karate school, and he taught BJJ there once a week. That was a couple of years ago that I first heard of it. It was out towards Great Adventure/Six Flags, on the border of Jackson. An out of the way location.

There are other guy's on this forum that probably have more updated info. Keep it TTT for answers.

That would be Danny Ives you are talking about. He's not in Freehold any more, to the best of my knowledge. The closest school that I know of to that area is in Tom's River, and it's Kurt Pelligrino's school. Look him up on if you are interested (he's a cool guy and an awesome instructor)

i used to train there we stopped training over the summer. Nobody was from freehold it was a pain in the ass for us all

Go to Kurt's.

Ives is the man

I closed the Freehold gym down last June, it was too far from all my students and for me. I sent most of my guys to Kurt Pelligrino's gym down in Toms River and some to Ray Martin's in Neptune.

Danny thanks for posting. do you know the name of Kurt's school? some guys i know through some body boarding forums are possibly intrested in learning ju jitsu. thanks

No problem bro, go to for the info you need.