The Jon Jones 911 call (audio)!

The security team, fiance, and three daughters on the casino floor.

Fiance bleeding from nose and mouth.

She was refusing to go back to the room, but also refusing medical treatment, and denying it is domestic violence issue.

The UFC should make a statement with this scumbag.

Instead, they’ll just continue to profit from him.


Jones is going to kill someone and/or himself in the near future.

Dark prediction, but it has to be said.


It’s MMA, its full of lowest common denominator and it attracts the same!

Letting him go because he is a multiple time proven piece of shit human being who beats women in front of his kids would be enough to let him go and to have no other promoter sign him.

I have noticed a complete lack of journalistic upheavel about that very thing. However, it is America circa 2021 and NOTHING is off the table if money is involved. Beat women? Sociopathic behavior? Drug addict? Steroid cheat? Elderly abuser? It’s all ok as long as money can be made!

This country and the vast majority of people in it are completely morally bankrupt!

UFC lets him go and the next POS promoter will snag him up hence why the UFC won’t do anything. In a world where beating women in front of your kids is appalling behavior, you let him go and nobody would want to touch him with a 10ft pole and the media would remind everyone why that is.


I hate Jones, and based off some of the actions taken by ufc in the past they should 100% let this guy go.

But if the legal action taken against him doesn’t prevent him from fighting…

vote with your views, and I’ll still watch.

The UFC signed Greg Hardy, not sure how they let Jones go, but keep Hardy on their books…


Jones is WAY worse than Hardy


I agree, and i also have the feeling we haven’t seen the worst yet, especially if he keeps fighting and loses.

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Put down the broad brush!


That is a very good point. Jon has never really lost. What would happen if he got viciously KO’d by Francis?

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Anthony Johnson too.


He won’t and that’s part of the problem.

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I don’t disagree with a lot of what you wrote, but I don’t get the argument of not letting him go simply because another promotion will sign him. That’s not the UFC’s problem: their problem is who they employ represents them as a company. Every headline about Jones doing something awful carries his employees name, the UFC.

If they let him go they make a statement that’s not who they are and what they’re willing to accept in someone who represents their company.

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Feel sorry for the daughters in that family. Having to watch their parents do this shit in front of them. Fuck JJ and his wife/fiance/who fucking cares if they stay together and this continues on.


FFS Dana isn’t going to fire him… He blamed all of this on Las Vegas, just think hard about that. I mean, don’t look at porn and get hard, just think hard about the statement. Get your minds out of the gutter.

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Dana said: “It’s hard to bring this guy to Las Vegas, for any reason,” UFC president Dana White said. “This city is not good for Jon Jones, and here we are again.”

Wasn’t Jones arrested previously in NY & NM? Makes you wonder what Jones did in Vegas before that the UFC got him out of it before it made headlines…


Jeez people make a big deal out of everything. All my gal pals have made pleas for help and called the cops on me at least once. God has tested me a lot too, so I feel Jon’s pain.


You’re just lucky that your “gal pals” were dialing on Fisher Price phones.


The Jon Jones story is a sad one, but not a unique one. We’ve seen this movie before. It doesn’t end well. The end of Jon Jones’ story is not that he was a good man who struggled with demons. History will reflect that this man was a true to form sociopath, blessed with otherworldly talent and toughness, but incapable of adhering to modern civil society.


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