The knockout

Is an individual more vunlnerable to being KO'd after the first time they are knocked out? I have seen Leben take all kinds of shots before Silva ruined him and never look faded. But last night it looked like he got staggered early on by a decent but not overwhelmingly impressive punch. Anything to this?

Mainly Physiological imo...Once you no-longer believe you are unstoppable, it is easier to get koed...

However...In Chris' case I think he did well last night.

EvilMaster, you said it's physiological, but then you defined it as psychological. Which do you mean?

No doubt it is a physical thing, NOT a matter of fear or anything else psychological.

Max Baer KOed a guy. During the guys next fight he died from a jab. The brain dammage was already there.

Doh! Spelling mistake...I meant psychological...But DirkH has a point also..

Sure seems like once a nut is cracked it stays that way. Look at poor Cabbage.