The Larry thing

Sorry i keep forgeting this is the XFC/KOTC forum.

I'll try better to remember next time.

Well Justin we fighting on the next shooto card or not?

Just need to know if i should start training or not :)

Ketas I hope you mean C class. If I was at the big show and you and Justin fought I would boo you amateur scmuks. Nobody wants to pay money 2 watch you fight.

well since Justin has fought a A OR B event i dont think he can go backwards so we would have to be the half time entertainment or something like that. :)

By the way how many fights have you had in the ring Steve (just for interest sake)?

Getting pounded in the ring just ain't my thing sorry Keats;)

You must be one of those normal people we guys who have been in the ring keep hearing about :)

Thats cool Sub i'm trying to become one of those normal people also ;)

I wouldn't mind having a go down the track. Will just need to train more consistently first:)

You sound opposite to me i wouldn't have minded having a go a few years ago. So i'm trying to be come normal and your trying to become abnormal. ;)

What is this ring experience you keep talking of Keats? "You must be one of those normal people we guys who have been in the ring keep hearing about". At least Subenem trains which is more than I (or youself) can say for you.

Sorry Tap i was having a bit of a light hearted joke with Sub.

So you know me well do you Tapp, so how do you know i havent been training?

"so how do you know i havent been training?" you said it yourself! I can also tell by the way you don't know shit! Excuse me, sorry you have a general knowledge of boxing the same way my old man does or anyone over the age of 40 who watches boxing on sky at the pubs. I will ask you again because it seems like you are the one who has a problem comprehending the written word, What is this ring experience you keep talking of Keats?

I used to box ,i'm not over 40 and i never go to the pub unless i'm working. So your not even close.

Getting in the ring at training doesn't count as ring experience.

Cool, finally, see after all you agree with me tapp. "Getting in the ring at training doesn't count for ring experience" Couldn't agree with you more Tapp. So if i haven't fought in the ring (not just trained) i dont have ring experience same as you can't claim to have world class boxing skills if you haven't boxing against another opponent as if it is in training it doesn't count?

At leat i finally got you to come around, now we just need to work together to convince Matt. :)

Oh buy the way where did i say i used to only box in training?

Keats you bag out J, And KOTC lad,about not answering your Questions regarding Heidari, and yet you have been asked on numerous occasions about your experience and yet you still havn't givin it.

People in Glass houses shouldn't throw stones.(gee that gives away my age, or lack there of)

Again go back to my 1492 post and read it again very slowly, i thought i typed i used to box! I know it seems very hard for you to understand things when you read them but just keep reading them a few times and i'm sure it will all sink in.

I don't know Larry, I don't pretend to represent him in any way, but I can't help but think that he would find a 2 page (and growing) thread about his thing a little disturbing...

Perhaps you guys should move this discussion to a thread called "mine is bigger then yours" or some other more appropriate title.



they could also use a handy little function on this forum called "ignore user"

Hamish, thats makes life boring :(

dont you only have that if you have a blue name?

look to your right