The Liver Shot (vid)


My old man was a boxer and boxing coach in his younger years. He used he to talk endlessly about the effectiveness of the liver shot and the mechanics of delivering it properly. I've been a fan of that shot ever since.

I remember when De La Hoya was floored by a liver shot from Hopkins. In the post fight interview he said that he had never been hit with a shot like that before. He explained that he was telling/willing himself to get up but his body simply wouldn't respond. He said it was like his body had been separated from his brain and his body simply wasn't receiving the message.

It seems to me that body shots are being incorporated into MMA striking as this part of the game becomes more technical and refined.

This vid shows some of the best liver shots in MMA.

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I need a blue too, how? As for your vids very cool. Mirkos body rip on Sapp was gnarly. Pure brilliance. Mike Tyson's stand out for me as well. Phone Post 3.0

The De La Hoya liver shot from Hopkins. Devastating!

Herring was a stud and so athletic for a big heavy weight. UFC rules really stifled his best weapons. His knees were truly terrifying. Every time I see an opportunity for knees to a downed fighter in the UFC I think of how much damage Herring would have inflicted. Phone Post 3.0

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Of course, thread wouldn't be complete without this. I remember when this happened and I couldn't believe it. For years this was one of the most talked about moments in MMA. Over time it's faded out a bit but anyone who saw it knows how mind blowingly crazy the KO was

Only a handful of guys could stay on their feet to deliver that punch. That fight is essentially over and Smith wills himself to stay standing. Watched that live on t.v. and couldn't believe the result. Arguably the GOAT finish.

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I miss the Pete Sell and Scott Smith days. Those guys were fucking awesome to watch.

Love a good body shot Phone Post 3.0

irishrottie - I miss the Pete Sell and Scott Smith days. Those guys were fucking awesome to watch.
Scott Smith was known to ride a giant set of balls. Phone Post 3.0

De La Hoya vs Hopkins in ENGLISH:


I heard the analogy that getting hit with a liver shot is the equivalent of getting tazered. Overwhelming the brain with pain stimulus so normal cognitive function is not possible.

Not sure if this analogy is medically sound but it sounds legit. Phone Post 3.0

punch me 20 times in the face before punching me once in the liver please.

I think one of the most intriguing things about the liver shot is how it registers itself on the face if its victim. The immediate and obvious grimace of pain is truly unique in the fight game.

Injuries such as broken hands, jaws and sometimes forearms are usually not known until after a fight.

Rich Franklin suffered a nightstick break from Liddell's body kick and it was not detectable on Franklins face. Pretty amazing. Phone Post 3.0


Here's a link for some amazing boxing body shots. Phone Post 3.0

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De La Hoya vs Hopkins in ENGLISH:


It looks better when Lapmley calls it. Thanks brah.

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