The Matrix - Taunton

With all of the stuff that's come out about the trouble at this place lately, is Mass Destruction going to be affected? I know the MMA crowd is far different from the club crowd, and the one time (should have been two) I was there it was a blast with no trouble at all. I know the town is getting fed up with the shootings, gang fights, etc...and I'm not sure if they're looking to close the club down or not. Anyone know?

Yes many bad things have happened at The Matrix in Taunton (it was formerly known as The Jukebox)It is a seedy place that tends to attract a low-life crowd. People in Taunton have been trying to get it closed down for awhile now. That being said, I do not believe it will have any bearing on the Mass Destruction events and they will continue to be held there. I had a fun time at the Mass Destruction events and I have never personally experienced anything bad there myself, but this was probably only due to the fact that I only go when the events are held. I have had some close friends & relatives who have experienced some unfortunate occurances due to the..."clientele" that the club attracts and I have had others who have gone there and not experienced trouble. It is generally not a nice atmosphere to be in and if you do go please be careful.

it's actually funny, after our guy won, we went to the club downstairs like 30 deep w/ half of them fighters and the other half trained. it's a different thing when mma'ers are there. everyone's cool and everyone else sees that you are w/ ALOT of other mma'ers.

Cool. Thanks guys

i know that i was drunk as fuck there after my friend won his fight, and for being that bombed i actually DIDNT end up getting into a fight for a change. THe mma crowd is so much more respectful and mature then regular "club goers"

Yea, because every MMAer is too busy thinking how they'd take down so and so and what tecniques they would use.

Mass Destruction will go on even if The Matrix closes down.

Kind of a funny story, I was at The Matrix one night with Renzo nd Don Banville (Renzo was doing a seminar at JBA) and these gang banger types were playing him in pool and kind of running their mouths. Renzo took it in stride and shaked their hands after the game (I wish they knew who they were spouting off to).

Later that night some big brawl breaks out (big surprise!) that we did not get involvedin , but you could see the fire in Renzo's eyes when some 300 pound idiot was running around like he was some major bad ass (probably just knocked out some 130 pound looking the other way). I would like to have seen Renzo put him to sleep :)...Joe

ttt....very cool story.