The McGregor Effect

On the UG News page, there is an interview with Jonathan Shrager who talks with Gareth A Davies, and in it Gareth mentions this documentary he made.
He said it's airing now in the UK and it will be on Fight Pass.
I checked Fight Pass, but it's not up yet.
First question, anyone in the UK see it yet, and if so, how was it?
Second question, does anyone know when it is scheduled to go up on Fight Pass?
Thanks. Phone Post 3.0 Phone Post 3.0

Excellent. Phone Post 3.0

you're welcome. 

My ninjas! Thanks and VTFUs all around. :-) Phone Post 3.0

It's actually really good, not sure why GAD gets so much hate on here. Phone Post 3.0

Yep, just finished and I liked it a lot. Phone Post 3.0

Watched this earlier. Was a great doc Phone Post 3.0