The most overlooked MW in the world...

i'm a huge Kang fan, but Mousasi is the real deal.  not sure why the major organizations havent been fighting to get this guy into their shows over the last 2 years.  20-2 with 13 tkos.  good to see that he's getting a high profile fight against someone the caliber of Kang.


I think Mousasi beats Kang tonight.

You may be right.

In a way Lindland is because he is possibly Anderson's worst matchup but he does have his supporters while not alot of people are talkin about Mousasi at all.

I hope to see Kang win but i agree Mousasi is def one to watch.



actually, a lot of people in the know have touted almeida's return.

Mousasi by armenian macho rage.

Yes people in the know. But 94.3 percent of people are not in the know who watch mma.

Patrick, you sure love MOUSASI bro! He is a great fighter for sure!!!

You have email too mate ;)


Kang all the way.


Mousasi triangles Kang in the first round. Good call.

everyone loses in mma. kang is still a tough s.o.b.

he's one of the best MW...

I wanted Kang to win by this was prophetic!

Great call Pat...  TTT

mahalo TOWE.

i've been watching Mousasi for some time now...knew he was a diamond-in-the-rough. was hoping we could get him into Icon one day to mix it up with our MWs. spoke to his management at length, but the timing was never right. i'm happy he's doing well but kinda disappointed that he's prob not coming to Icon any time soon.

there's a lot of free agent talent out there, but most guys dont get the publicity of the UFC fighters at this point in time. and most dont get to fight high-profile fights, so they dont even get a fraction of the media attention enjoyed by even the average talent in the UFC's.

it seems most fans (and media) these days immediately assume "if X fighter is not in the UFC, he must suck." its simply not true. it is true that they have the greatest percentage of top fighters in each weight class, but they dont own ALL the best talent in the world.

i really give credit to the UFC for gobbling up so much brand share. Dana and the Zuffa crew have done an admirable job in controlling the market. i'm hoping our May 31st EliteXC on CBS is at least a small step towards creating greater equity.


Patrick Freitas knows his shit.