The Mountain vs BJJ black belt

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Thor vs Legit BJJ Black Belt actual grappling

embarrassing. Terrible hand position from side control bottom.

i'd like to see how that big bastard would do against an 5'6" 320lb paki

FatBuddha - embarrassing. Terrible hand position from side control bottom.

The Mountain smashes 95% of the Black Belts on this site due to pure size and strength.


Is it just me or did that guy seem super condescending? Also, terrible game to play against a big guy. Did he really try to flower/pendulum sweep him twice?

He didn't seem like a very impressive black belt

with that being said, this looks more like a assisted/teaching roll and not a challenge match

I had a student that was a strongman and about 360lbs, back in the day.

I would only play foot on hips guard with him. Just his forward pressure popped ribs out in my back and they still pop out to this day. Shitty injury.

Once on his back he was completely immobile. But getting there was like trying to flip a bus.

size matters, dont let the bjj marketing material tell u otherwise

walbjj - size matters, dont let the bjj marketing material tell u otherwise


We have a guy in our gym who is 6’4" and struggles to “cut” to like 340…easily gets up to 380-400lb if not watching his weight very closely.

I have seen him do silly strength things like put 225lb on two different barbells and lay on a stability ball and press both (one in each hand) and then say “pressing isn’t really my strong point”.

His kicks are ridiculous, he’s ended MMA fights with a single kick.

Got his blue belt from Caio Terra years ago, but he doesn’t roll much, but he will flow roll with me periodically.

We both laugh quite a bit during the roll because I can’t get many moves to work on him just because of sheer size. Now, he does have an understanding of what’s going on, of mechanics and such (that’s why I mention the blue belt), but still…

Two moves that I can make work, IF I get them set, are an inside heel hook and a straight ankle lock.

Yeah at some point the strength disparity is practically the diff between an adult and a kid. When that happens, jiu-jitsu and martial arts don't do too much.

Jerry: Kramer, you're fighting children?!

Kramer: We’re all at the same skill level, Jerry.

Jerry: He’s nine years old! You don’t need karate, you can just wring his neck!