the mrs. lizares effect

Nice to see you back bjjtek, thought maybe the wife locked the comp up.. ;)



welcome back too, jjd.

oh my bad, i guess i heard her wrong. i did see the pics of the fctv look alike & the bed you constructed.

^^wtf is going on here? and why am i not included in these plans. gd!

courtesy of mrs. lizares, the FCTV look-alike...


lol. cool shirt!

thank u mr. tek

this is what he looked like from 100ft away.....

That must be the FCTV808 clone that got the good conscience


OMG! twins, but the new fctv is way better looking! lol

this thread is turning into a nightmare for the snow mod you bastards!


yep he's better looking

BTW, 7th rule of HG:

If significant others of female pursuasion decide to participate in HG posting, they (spouse/GF) must first submit picture(s) of nekkid, or otherwise scantily clad, friend (bold/italic so as to not offend, resulting in choke).

Said picture must be of exceptionally high quality, of a woman (or extremely believable tranny) and be offered as a "goodwill" gesture to the greater student body of the HG. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, Thank you very much

Sub to the Dude to the mutha fn Tude :) 

^^i support what he said.

I 3rd it!!

I shi it!