the mrs. lizares effect

tonight i get a call from ron (adrenaline konceptz) & he wants to go drinking at mrs. lizares's work place. so i take my girlfriend to my house so i can shower & change before we go down. when i come outta the shower i find my girlfriend on my computer like always but this time she is surfing the HG.

i tell her what the hell are you doing? she turns around & just laughs at me & says tiff ain't the only one. then we go down to meet ron. when we get there the 2 females talk about it. ron says his girl was surfing this place too.


very depress.. No free time to myself no more :(

HAHAHAHAHA --- Time for you boys to put your foot down & tell your wiminz whats up!

Wait, just realized the wiminz could be reading this now & plotting my demise....

*puts keyboard down & runs away
(Being in Vegas doesn't mean I'm safe from the wrath of the HG wiminz lurkers)

Hey Ladies...


giddy giddy goo!!!!!

grabs branch thinner in girth than thumb and prepares for a seriously all nude thrashing

i do this for THE TEAM.


i'm naked right now!


"i'm naked right now!"

pics byotch. DO YOU SPEAK IT!?!

*jaqs furiously to thread

camera phone cant zoom in that close!;P
"almost inverted"
also i am a mud:)



"giddy giddy goo!!!!! "

^^giggidy giggidy gooo..?

Chee to the Hootie Hoooo!

atleast she took him to hooters last night =)

We call that "whipped" ?

jealouses (slightly)

Hey now...... She did NOT take me to hooters, I accompanied her on a work outing.