The new 255-pound Jon Jones sees 'a lot of money' being lost if Gane beats Ngannou

Jones certainly seems to have a point. Plus, he gives an update on when he expects to make his heavyweight debut.

maybe this jackass should worry about himself. dude cant even behave 1 night in Vegas. UFC should cut him and tell him to go make his milliions elswhere.


The new 265lb Jones will have an easier time in prison


More cushion for the pushin, he won’t be the first big brother that thinks they’re tough to get turned out

Sure when Gane beats Francis it hurts Jones but when Blaydes wins tomorrow he’ll deserve the title fight. And he’ll easily beat Gane.
Then obviously Blaydes will have to fight N’Gannou who’ll crush Curtis again.
So it’ll all work out.

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Why tf do ppl think that Jones vs Ngannou is going to be this huge “mega fight”? Francis has been in two title fights now and neither has drawn. And JJ isn’t exactly Conor, but Rogan talks about this fight, specifically Ngannou like he’s the biggest thing in combat sports. Based on what??

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But he doesn’t see any money lost if he beats his wife. Apparently.

Nganou is no household name at this point. Although his knockouts should have already made him one.

Sadly mic skills are more important in this era.

Derick Lewis more known because he’s got hot balls

What did he get paid for knockin out momma?

Retards like this are what make the UG such a joke. Lmao

Hi Jon!

Just stop listening to Rogan.