The next big thing


Damon Wayans?

The heavyweight champ is 42

"Damon Wayans? "


he looks more like keenan ivory wayans

All you guys are confusing 'Wayans' with 'Weigh-ins' in my opinion.

LOL Bullwinkle...

And his interview style is amazing.

He'll charm the pants off of any sponsor.


The dude is 35. You DO NOT lose your strength & explosiveness. You lose speed in terms of sprinting but you DO NOT lose power.

Houston Alexander is legit. If anyone wants to stand & bang with Houston its gonna be a short night!

"what's up with that freaky stomach ?"

That's what it looks like when soft guys suck it in.

Sakara type hype?

He will lose his next fight and wont be spoke of again.

Mark Bocek @ 155lbs is "The next big thing" imo.

He's very Keenan Ivory Wayans.

I like him. He went out there and banged. He wasn't pussy-footing around. We need more of that in the Octagon.

I'd like to see him fight bisping.

"His nickname should be "BlankMan""

Greatest nickname eva!

Looks like some kind of scar on his stomach, IMO.

"Black Sakara"

Why noy just "Blackara"

bonnar did not beat jardine but i agree we need to see more of him to know what hes all about

WEIGH-INS, not Wayans!

Houston vs Bonner would be cool