The next generation of fighters (gif)


Dumbass...that's the River Dance...



LMAO! Phone Post

that back kick was sweet

Hahaha, hilarious. Great find. 

When that kid threw that back kick towards the end, I immediately thought of the Stewie sketches from Mad TV.

"look what I can do!" kick

 better then kit copes back kick for sure....i joke i joke

CUTE Phone Post

HA! That's totally my kid copying me at practice. Shit, that's probably how I really throw it and her mimick is dead-on. TTT for "The Backkick Kid"


Card -  

Ahh, the notorious "spinning shart kick."

Those kids had a good.back and forth but you cant teach greatness like that fight ender Phone Post

Bisping could beat them both up.

 Looks like two tiny lego men being made to fight.


ttt Phone Post

 That's awesome. Someone posted the original vid years ago :-)