The next Machida? Watch for Andrews Nakahara

Like Lyoto, Andrews is of japanese/brazilian decent. Nakahara also happens to be a karate practiciner now competing in mma. Where Machida style is in shotokan karate, Nakahara is a kyokushin fighter.

It will be very interesting to see how Nakahara continues to develop his style of karate for mma.

Andrews is 2-1 right now in mma. His first fight a sub loss to sak. Give this guy time and I think we are going to see another exciteng karate turend mma fighter.

I also want to see how his more full contact style of kyokushin wiil translate to mma compared to Lyoto's more evasive shotokan style.

Not Machida! Already 1 loss.

To Sakuraba. In his first fight. No shame in that.