"The Office" and Joe Rogan

Did anyone watch The Office last night? 

Someone shit on Michael's carpet and stunk up the room, so he was sitting in there and said, "I'm just thinking of it as a tryout for Fear Factor.  I'm actually a really big fan of anything Joe Rogan does...."


Go Joe!

I was wondering when someone would post this.

Dwight is the fucking man.

I missed the ending, but I thought it was cute that the writers put Joe in there.  I also like Jim. 

Dwight had nothing to do with it, but he's a funny character.


Of course, they were making fun of Joe (by having the obnoxious character with a bad sense of humor like him), but a name drops a name drop I guess.

I wonder if Joe likes him back. Could be a love connection......?

My hubby and I got to see Michael Rainn off-broadway in a comedy troupe before he made it big on Six Feet Under and now as Dwight.

The name of the group was The New Bozena, and I swear in all my ten years in NYC, they were probably one of the funniest acts I have ever seen.

Michael Scott; Steve Carell's character. :)

I did get a chuckle out of that.

LOL@Draven...I thought I was the only one with CRS. Oh yeah, DSB too:)

Draaven, that was that David Spade show. I forget what it's called.

Funniest non-cable show in a few years.

TV Series: "Just Shoot Me!" (1997)

Original Air Date: 25 March 2002 (Season 6, Episode 16)

IMDB is your friend. Especially while your FTP is updating and you got shit else to do.

Cornishmma is correct

ricky gervais is a funny man

free love on the free love freeway
got some hot love on the hot love highway...

yeah, as funny and well done as the american version of the office is... it really still pales in comparison to the BBC original...

The most refreshing comedy on the networks.

One of the few shows that I could probably rewatch.


LOL, that's funny.  Great show. 

my name is earl

go to bed ray