The only boxing match up that makes sense

The only fight anyone gave a shit about in the first place was PBF v. Pacman. But with Mayweather locked up and Pacquiao coming off a loss, what now?

It's gonna be several months before Mayweather is ready to fight again, and Pacquiao needs to rebuild his stock a little. So a late summer blockbuster, winner gets Mayweather this fall...

Manny Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38 KO)


Mayweather's Old Lady (0-1)

Pac Man wins, we get the fight with Mayweather that we've wanted all along. MOL wins, she gets her rematch and the whole world will get to see it this time (not just the kids.)

Zuffa make it happen.

She could take him.

I heard she's a snitch. Phone Post

B-hop vs. Master LLoyd ftw!