says it here he can get both belts....and may be the lb. for lb. best MMA fighter in the world..

I think it also has to do with the emergence of the "casual" fan. MMA is a sport that u really had to be into back in the day if you wanted to follow it. Now there are several fans who just watch the UFC from time to time on spike and then when they talk about mma on message boards and whatnot, more experienced and avid fans get frustrated i guess.

BJ Penn IS a great fighter. And the fact that he has fought at every
weight is pretty impressive as well.

I would agree that he is the best LB 4 LB in MMA right now.

Best p4p in the first round.Not best p4p fighter yet,he has to improve his cardio.

^^^ He said that he had been working on his cardio with a new trainer-
so it sounds like maybe we'll actually get to see a fully loaded BJ Penn.

If that is the case I think he could own at any weight.

he needs to move to a proper training facility.
He will always have stamina problems unless he trains at a higher altitude..

if mma was only 1 round than penn would be the best or if it was for only 2 minutes overeem would be #1