The real dream fight in MMA no1 talks about. That Poirier vs Gaethje rematch!

Gaethje has to be 1 of the most underrated technicians in MMA history. And everyone already knows how much of an underrated GOAT Poirier is.

You mma newb dorks, who don’t know shit about fighting, went goo goo gaga over DC and Jones (2 HW stiffs who can’t box, move, or fight off the counter), yet when real skill and IQ hits you in the face with its 14 inch dick, you close your eyes and ignore it. Poirier and Gaethje have 14 inch dicks of pure skill and IQ

Poirier and Gaethje are 2 of the greatest, most skilled, most intelligent technicians ever in MMA history, flat out, period. Even just a top 20 LW is p4p more skilled then DC and Jones, let alone Poirier and Gaethje, who are among the best of the best AT LW, THE GREATEST AND DEEPEST division in MMA history!!

My REAL MOST anticipated superfight is that Poirier vs Gaethje rematch. Their 1st fight was like a classic made of storybook legend!

Poirier and Gaethje were 2 titanium steel pillars colliding at frightening speeds, with neither budging, and both fighting to the death, to just gain inches of ground.

-It was Poirier’s stop and plant leads vs Gaethje trying to time and interrupt Poirier’s stop and plant leads, with leg kicks

-The battle of the leadhands it was:

Poirier elbow blocking Gaethje’s hooks all night long. Especially when Gaethje would try to position Poirier to the fence with fients and then get Poirier circling off the fence into his hooks, or when Gaethje would try to get Poirier back stepping or moving into hooks, Poirier just elbow blocking it all.

Gaethje in outside slip rhythm (weight down on back leg), staying tight, timing outside slips off Poirier’s probing, and thus slipping Poirier’s follow up 2 off the leadhands/probing, and crushing Poirier with counter 2s

Poirier sticking his jab inbetween Gaethje’s high guard to blind/occupy, and throwing hook/uppercuts off his jab exploiting Gaethje’s high guard

It was a back and forth affair where both fought with all their soul just to gain inches. It was an all time classic where BOTH were doing all the right things to try and exploit the other. No one made any technical errors or mistakes. Poirier vs Gaethje was just the highest level of fighting possible in MMA, where both were just masters of their craft trying to one up the other. Poirier vs Gaethje was 2 Bobby Fischers playing chess against each other.

Gaethje had Poirier OUT on his feet. No one has had Poirier 2.0 that close to defeat in the striking. But in the end Poirier’s timing on Gaethje’s leg kicks, finally got Poirier the win from hell and back. Gaethje biggest issue has always been that he doesn’t hide his leg kicks

Poirier vs Gaethje was the highest level of combined striking skill and IQ I’ve ever seen in a high level MMA fight before. Gaethje is the only one who can truly and actually match Poirier skill for skill. The rematch must happen. It would be a shame otherwise!

Now the biggest differences in a rematch would be Gaethje’s footwork and Gaethje’s jab. The 1st fight Poirier found his carving exploiting Gaethje’s high guard

Now instead of Gaethje trying to smoother and fighting intight with a high guard, Gaethje will now take small back steps to pull opponents into his counter or leg kick. And Gaethje fighting much more behind his jab now is going to mean even more for setting up his right hand vs Poirier (Poirier controls leadhands very well and elbow blocks hooks, as southpaw vs orthodox means the leadhands and lead shoulders align). It’s going to make a world of difference vs Poirier in a rematch. If Poirier doesn’t counter adjust to the different fighter Gaethje has become today, then Gaethje very well might get his redemption against Poirier. But 1 thing will be guaranteed for sure by this rematch, it will be an incredible all out back and forth classic just like their 1st fight was. Fook Oliveria and fook Chandler. Here are the big match ups to make. Conor vs Nate 3, and Poirier vs Gaethje rematch. DO IT !!!


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Ehh I feel like Dustin takes it a lot easier the second time around. In fact I see Dustin technically dismantling Justin

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Naw you don’t know fighting. Gaethje was ruining Poirier’s legs, timing Poirier’s stop and plant leads with leg kicks (interrupting) and killing Poirier with outside slip rhythm, timing outside slips with Poirier’s probing and getting outside Poirier’s follow up 2s and 2 countering. Poirier’s saving grave was exploiting Gaethje’s high guard. Gaethje is a completely different fighter now. Before Gaethje would be in there, smoothering, and fighting static behind a high guard. Poirier’s biggest success from the 1st fight isn’t there anymore. Now Gaethje uses small back steps to pull opponents into him, and when Gaethje smoothers he wraps up head control and punches with free hand. And the biggest difference is that now Gaethje leans and crouches with his high guard much more often, meaning he isn’t sitting there tall behind his high guard to be exploited via the small openings like Poirier did in the 1st fight. Gaethje is closing the openings in his high guard by leaning and crouching with his high guard. This is a lot like Conor vs Poirier. Conor beat Poirier back when Poirier was fairly green. Poirier beat Gaethje back when Gaethje wasn’t even the same fighter he is today. All though Poirier and Gaethje are closer in skill then Conor was to Poirier. Don’t be surprised if Gaethje gets his redemption on Poirier and there’s a Gaethje vs Poirier trilogy

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I see Dustin getting into a standup war then surprising him with a takedown and subbing him, the khabib fight and a WSOF fight against somebody I forgot show his ground game is so far behind the top guys

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That’s true. Gaethje is absolutely terrible off his back while Poirier has pretty great grappling. But let’s be real, their rematch is going to take place on the feet, just like their 1st fight did. Thats why it’s so anticipated. Both are incredible slick skilled strikers and both love keeping it on the feet. I expect war!

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