The real question is will Sharpton tap or go nitey


First, please cancel the Tony Montana fight. He is a 4-3 (in his last 7) lightweight. It never made any sense to begin with.  UFC, we know how you feel about Maia becoming champ. However, there are many hardcores on this forum that know the truth.

What is Maia's only risk? Not being able to takedown Sharpton and getting KO'd. Who has Maia not been able to take down? MMA wrestling is very different than Folkstyle/Collegiate. Maia has only been stopped once by an aberrant punch counter off a kick years ago vs Marquardt. And he has faced some hitters.

Sharpton has a 23.8% KO rate, The great KO artist. 5 KOs in 21 fights. (If you throw out the Carlos Condit TKO.) Another false narrative. We also need to examine who he KO'd?

Robbie Lawler is the only legit one and he will stand in the pocket with anyone.

Dong Hyun Kim; bum.

Koscheck; his chin had already eroded at this point.

Hieron; who cares.

Galvao; years ago.

Bottom line is Maia chokes out Sharpton everday of the week. Not only will the hardcores be over the moon (as it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy), but we will no longer need to hear Sharpton and his bullhorn anymore.  Everyone wins. Happy Days!

LOL @ "Sharpton."