The REAL Reason Chuck Won!!!!!!

Dude, his entrance was freakin badass!!!!! lol, from that point on it was just a matter of time.

Did you catch him messin' with the camera man in the very begining? Thought that was funny.

He looked so confident coming in that I knew my bet was secure.

He used the ol Kempo eye poke.

Yeah, that face Chuck made to the camera when he got in the cage didn't help Tito's chances either. hehe

Anyone that comes out to Cypress Hill will win

SD, what song was it??


LOFL @ Taylor

I don't know the name.. but I do know that it came off of thier new album

They haven't been great for a long time though. Imo for the last few albums they've been kinda undecided on what kind of music they want to make.