The real reason for Rousey media blackout...

Is to protect her from any Nunes criticism. Yes, media folks might annoy Rousey, but she's had basically an entire camp and faced essentially no challenges or criticism from the champ. Sure, Amanda isn't like McGregor or Cruz when it comes to trash talk, but I imagine her fragile ego wouldn't be able to handle much if Nunes chose to talk smack.

Really?  I doubt it.  Probably didn't want to continue answering questions about the Holly loss. Probably wants to focus.  I doubt that she is trying to avoid smack talk from a girl who really didn't talk smack and who she is gonna be fighting in a cage with.  

Nah. Kind of doubt it. 

It's because they will ask her how she's doing and she knows she's not doing good. She said herself she's still grieving the person who "could've had it all". And she doesn't want to have to answer "what are your predictions for the fight Friday night?" Because she is unsure. For the first time ever she is unsure how a fight will go. And she can't hide her doubts. Ronda is so athletically gifted but isn't fit mentally for professional fighting.