AFC Presents the SUBMISSION WRESTLING OPEN I Scheduled for February 28th, 2003 in Ft Lauderdale, Florida

'After the success of the 5th Submission Wrestling World Championships, held in May of 2003 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we wanted to have additional Submission Wrestling competitions in North America starting in 2004.' states spokesman and AFC matchmaker Miguel Iturrate. 'So the SUBMISSION WRESTLING OPEN I was born.'

'We are working right now to sign our superfights, and we should have some announcements on these soon. There are some big names and surprises in the works for these 4 fights! There will also be 3 different 4 Man Tournaments, in the ADCC weight classes of 65.9 KG and under (under 145 lbs), 66-76.9 KG (145.1-169 lbs) and 77-87.9 KG (169.1 - 194 lbs)'. describes the spokesman.

'The event will also feature an ABSOLUTE tournament of 8 men. This is one of the signatures of the ADCC competition, and we think it will add to the excitement of the event.' starts the spokesman. 'The competitors for this tournament will be selected from the competitors who competed in the tournaments earlier. This will add to the excitement, in that the event gives an opportunity for competitors who were impressive in earlier matches to fight again. It will be exciting!'

There will be over $12,000 in prize money for the superfights and the tournaments. More information to come on this event!

- 65.9 KG and under 4 Man Tournament
- 66-76.9 KG 4 Man Tournament
- 77-87.9 KG 4 Man Tournament
- 8 Man ABSOLUTE Tournament (Open Weight)

4701 Johnson RD ste 8
Coconut Creek FL 33073

Anyone interested in competing in the 4 man tournaments should contact us via e-mail at . EXTREMELY LIMITED SPOTS available.

Official ADCC Judges Planning Seminars and Judge Certifications

In an effort to spread information about the ADCC Submission Wrestling rules, ADCC's head judge Lubomir Guedjev will lead a contingent of judges from the ADCC. The goal is to hold a series of seminars, and to begin training additional officials (judges and mat referees) to hold Submission Wrestling competitions.

'Lubo' and company will also judge the SUBMISSION WRESTLING OPEN I , making this event the first OFFICIAL ADCC Submission Wrestling event on North American soil that is not a TRIALS event! The sport of Submission Wrestling is growing!

Much more info to come, though interested seminar participants can contact

Absolute Fighting Championship #7 Scheduled For Same Weekend!

AFC #7 - Friday, February 27th, 2003
War Memorial Coliseum, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Doors Open: 6:30 pm- Fight Start: 7:30 pm

BEST PRICE ON TICKETS ANYWHERE: GOLD CIRCLE: $35.00 / RINGSIDE: $25.00 - $35.00 / GENERAL ADMISSION: $15.00 Tickets available at . Enter 'ABSOLUTE' for the event!

The SUBMISSION WRESTLING OPEN I on February 28th will be preceded on February 27th by the AFC #7 - south Florida's top MMA event, making south Florida the place to be for MMA at the end of February.

There will not be tickets sold for the SUBMISSION WRESTLING OPEN I - people who have tickets from the AFC #7 will get in for free (until capacity). 'With access to both competitions for the same ticket price, this is the best deal on tickets anywhere!' states the spokesman.


Thanks Kirik.

There have been many people asking about the tournaments! Thanks for the inquiries -

There really are only 12 slots, 4 in each of the tourneys:

- 65.9 KG and under (under 145 lbs)
- 66-76.9 KG (145.1-169 lbs)
- 77-87.9 KG (169.1 - 194 lbs)

And many are filling up already with GOOD guys from Florida. e-mail me at if you are interested in competing.





I should have 2 SUPERFIGHTS to announce in the next week or so - I am getting pumped about this event, the response has been really strong.



this is not like a NAGA for the common man is it?

its like pro's grappling and we watch?

Mike Brown should be there for the 145 and under.

Brownie? he just won the AFC belt down there - maybe he will turn up.

Miguel Iturrate,

I know a guy that is very interested!!!

IF you are looking for someone to put in the OPEN WEIGHT Division, please call me:


Dustin Ware

Dustin - The OPEN class is an invite only for the guys picked for the other tourneys.

We dont just want to hve guys come for the ABSOLUTE....

You saw it here first:

Verbal agreements and contracts extended, pending return:

Pe De Pano v. Jeff Monson - SUPERFIGHT #1.
'Shaolin' Ribeiro v. Pablo Popovich - SUPERFIGHT #2.

2 World Champions in 1, Shaolin rematching Popo from the ADCC 2003.

More to come!

By the way, these wont make a press release until the paperwork, etc is squared away. Just UG rumors for now!

: )


Miguel Iturrate,

Thanks for the explanation...That being said, I am sure "he" woudl be interested in compeating in both divisions.


Got your e-mail - I will be in touch this evening -



Look forward to it!

Dustin Ware