The Tao of Dean Lister (FightLand)

Pretty cool write up of Dean Lister from FIGHTLAND (Vice):

Dean Lister is a classic example of the unlikely athletic savant--the hard-drinking Babe Ruth of the grappling world. Where the Great Bambino would stumble into the stadium after a weeklong bender and hit another homerun, Dean’s been known to stumble onto the mat after a weeklong bender and hit another heel-hook.

Lister isn’t the caliber of athlete as, let’s say, a Georges Saint-Pierre, but he’s a brilliant artist. His jiu-jitsu ability, specifically his innovative leg-locks, has taken him to the UFC and Pride, and he is one of the top-rated grappling competitors in the world. In March, he will face Renato “Babalu” Sobral at the Metamoris grappling event.

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Awesome. Dean is the man Phone Post 3.0

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Big fan. 

baby-silverback - I'm even a bigger fan now Phone Post 3.0
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I honestly don't think I've ever read or seen anything negative about Dean.  Watch and read as much as I can about the guy... humble and so great to learn from.  I would love to see him swing through Fort Worth for a seminar.

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good article. Dean is a bit quirky but I like him. god knows the world needs more people like him.

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Why Babalu? Seriously was he the only guy willing to take the fight?

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