The tard who stole Kenny's hat

Anyone know if he was arrested? That sure seems like property theft to me.

EnderinAK - 
Monsters Ball - Hogar?



Monsters Ball - Hogar?

Sausage tits strikes again!

lol the you know the sponsors on that hat were like "WTF!" when that happened.



Kenny played it cool by keep walking acting like it didn't happen

Kenny was not very excite about it 

Monsters Ball - Hogar?

in his defense, he was told that it was an extra and he could take it for his family.

 i hate it when the fans touch the fighters. high fives are cool but they've started to grab fighters and slap them on their backs. time for a useful barricade or even a ramp lol 

Wouldn't it be crazy if some seriously enraged fan stabbed a fighter on his way out?

That was too tight of an entrance. Get those savages back

Monsters Ball - Hogar?

Well done lol.

Hats off to Florian....

VectorWega -  Also some douchebag threw a bottle at Anderson Silva.  I hope these guys are found, beaten, and killed.

yeah, cuz that wouldn't be overboard or anything..."you stole a hat or threw a bottle at someone. your punishment? DEATH!!" think about it later when you're rational and maybe you'll see it differently chief...

Kennys Hat = Kennys Soul

Random Arm in crowd = BJs Aura

EnderinAK - 
Monsters Ball - Hogar?


No one is to blame but whoever designs the walk, they put the fans so close they can physically touch a fighter.

They have to expect that sort of thing happening for how close they put the fans to the fighters.

B Mcallister - Wouldn't it be crazy if some seriously enraged fan stabbed a fighter on his way out?

Its certainly possible. Ive only ever been patted down once in three events ive been to.

Quit touching the goddamn fighters. Why do people feel so inclined to fondle someone because they're famous?

Put a fucking barricade up and keep the fucking fans away from the fighters. I can see this shit being very annoying.