The Tito effect

This effect scares the shit out of the ufc. They promoted him to be a star. He made good by winning and becoming a star in this sport by this sport (Shamrock is more popular from pro wrestling days then his mma days). Anyway, then Tito turned the table on them and wanted to get paid lots of money. Great for him! However sucks for everyone else. Now UFC working on a tight budget (ok losing money) doesn't really have enough to sign anyone else. If they'd had 5or6 big stars that could sell big PPV #s they be set, but how do they get there without getting burned again?

Isnt Tito currently making about the same as couture?

I want to see this fight but really, what does it prove anymore? This fight, despite it's huge hype means what? Anything?

While Im not the biggest Tito fan, I will say he does earn his money. He puts fans in the seats as well as brings in the ppv buys.

Guys like Rizzo and Tank makeing large checks , and fighting on the undercard or getting beat in the first rd for 3 straight fights and both banking $150k a pop is a waste .

Use that 300k and lure someone like Cro-cop or Mino or Sak, Hendo, Silva anyone really that has talent , exciteing game and bring in more fans.

The thing is getting cro cop, sak or mino is only a big deal to established fans who KNOW who they are. They got Tank in because he was recognisable to the general public. The trouble is after watching his appalling displays the public no longer care about him. Money well spent Zuffa.

Yea and I know who won the super bowl now. We all know now that Tank and RIzzo bombed. But where are your threads about them before they where signed?