The Toronto Grappling Club

Anybody train here?

I'm looking for a new place to grapple/trane ufc.


Joseph De Los Reyes? Wasn't he one of the founders of Kombat Arts? Or am I thinking of someone else?

Someone else. Same name different person.

I used to train for a few months under Joe, he was superb.

Very easy going and humble. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of the sport of BJJ from what I recall and built up quite a few stalwarts there. It is more grassroots if anything, he is a one-man show for the most part, so its easy to contact him if you have any issues. The simplicity of it was great, easier to deal with it compared to some bureaucracies you might go through in mega gyms (not to degrade them or anything, just a a drawback to that business model unfortunately).

Thx for the responses.

Been emailing Joe and will go in for a class next week methinks.

Joe is a super nice guy, very helpful and friendly. I think you'll enjoy it.