The TUF 4 setup...

Since this forum is so quiet today, I figured I'd ask everyones opinion on the upcoming TUF 4 setup, in which the contestants this time around will be former UFC fighters looking for another chance at the big show.

I highly disagree with this. IMHO, if someone didn't give an impression that they have what it takes to belong there the first time, why are you going to take up space that could be filled with new fighters that could do much better? There are quite a few guys who didn't get picked for TUF 3 even though their skill level was quite higher than many of the ones that made it, and it's not like there will be a shortage of fighters anytime soon. I was really hoping they would do another round of WW and HW, but oh well.

Hope I'm not sounding like a punk, but I just have no interest in seeing any rehash. It's like you're picking the best of the worst, and then that fighter will get back in UFC, only to get KTFO again.

What does everyone else think? Any suggestions on how I can get excited about this?

Geese Jones

I don't like the idea at all, I'd rathe see new talent then a bunch of washed up guys.

What I'd really like to see for maybe TUF 5 is a 16 man Lightweight Tourney instead of the 2 weight classes. The UFC defenetly needs LW's.

Depends on who all is there. Guys like Cote who have been rumoured I have absouletely no problem with, he was making his way back to the UFC with or without TUF.

'he was making his way back to the UFC with or without TUF.'

Right so don't you disagree with using the TUF setup for comebacks? I just think they should continue bringing in new blood.

Anyway looking forward to my Bisping staring down Hamill tonight!

Geese Jones

i dont like it either

Guys like Lindland or Burnett are the worst?

i think that if they couldnt make it the first time in the ufc than they should let others who have not had the chance to have a go at it. but then again they may have trained harder and have something to give the fans to talk about.

'Guys like Lindland or Burnett are the worst?'

I would assume that Lindland or Burnett could get back without having to go through TUF, don't you think? From what it sounds like, it's guys that couldn't make it on their own merit, not just guys who lost a couple times. Hell many of the top UFC fighters have lost a few, but they still proved they belong.

Geese Jones