The TUF S3Thread (spoilers) ....

i guess he coulda had Rickson teach submissions and Al stanky teach hands but hey........ friends are better :)


it's un-australian to not bring your mates along aint it?

facts have no place when talking about things of this nature.

hey give team dagger a break, that was some funny shit, haha. Ed Herman loves himself sick hope he gets KTFO'ed.

Who is everybodies picks to win?

I'm thinking Kendall or Kalib in Middleweight and not sure about LHW maybe Bisping?

At this stage my picks would be LHW - Bisping or Hamill. In the MW - will go with Ed or Kalib (but throw in Solomon as a smokey). But in saying that, havent seen anyone else fight either.

Anyone else ever lost 4kgs in your sleep, thats cutting weight!

so you guys never saw the latest ufc then?

I'd have to say R Singer is a big threat in the middleweights grappla72..

  • Juggs

Ken V tito was a laugh at best, one had controlled emotion, the other sort of lost the plot a little, but good viewing.

Also what happens when the main coach is away (again), you are left with a body builder who has no idea.

The fight was pretty disappointing, expected more especially following all the trash talk.

Juggs, well he won, but I wouldnt say convincingly though.

Glad team slagger is over!

Not one mention of the best improvement to the show? Winners progressing to the Semis ala The Contender. This is absolutely necessary to make it fair for all.

Tito has won me back as a fan with his performance on the show and at UFC59. He's very cheesy and over the top with his 'We all cry together' stuff but he seems very genuine. I hope we see him injury free and ragingly aggressive again like when he was champ.

Ken is just disappointing but I guess his training style highlights how well the Lions Den are doing these days in professional MMA.

Tait and Bisping will be the final 2 light heavies. Why else would they be given interview time on UFN and the PPV show. I believe the UFC may have given us a spoiler there as I had no doubts that Bisping would at least win his first fight....I believe Tait will be the same.

They had Luke Cummo on the Danny Doiche show in the states during the first couple of episodes in season 2. He went on to the finals. It's not like they put a guy illiminated in the first couple of episodes on for an interview.