The two craziest things recently

1. A guy getting GnP when he's mounted on his opponent (Schilt vs McGee).

2. A guy getting kimura'ed by an opponent he was sidemounted on. (Giant Silva vs Sentoryu)

Forget the upsets, these were the craziest things I've seen for a long time...

Has anyone ever pulled off a sub from mount bottom before? I know Sentoryu didn't know how to defend, but that's still crazy.

estarriol: you will normally see that sub done from sidemount and finished on beginners. it happens alot in low level sub grappling. Often times the guy may forward roll and you finish from top side (see sean alverez vs. ricco rodriguez).

And i THINK that igor made nick nutter quit from mount because of a headbutt thought it may have been igors guard.

Wow... that's crazy.

I kinda have to give props to Giant Silva though, he looked like he'd really been training seriously.

you think? I thought he looked horrible and the other guy looked worse. He got taken down by a sumo wrestler half his size. He got his guard passed easially by a sumo wrestler half his size with a 0-0 mma record. He went for a kimura incorrectly twice before finally figure 4'ing his grip correctly and still didnt entangle a leg.

I admire his courage to go out there and enter a tournament with the best fighters in the world at age 40 with practically no skills to speak of but he was far from impressive.

"I thought he looked horrible and the other guy looked worse."

hahahahahaha, me too.

And his explanation of how he'd trained before the fight...

"I play dee basskeeball"


Yeah, he looked horrible, but my point is that he looked noticeably less horrible than last time. Given the short time between his last fight and this one, that indicates someone taking training seriously. That gets my respect regardless of anything else. He knows he can get by just by being a million feet tall, but he's actually bothering to train anyway.

estarriol: it is hard to say... in his first fight he faught a very game and experienced top 10 in heath herring, and in his last fight he faught a very green out of shape sumo wrestler in his first fight.