The UFC Heavyweight picture....

is unbelivable!

After years of touting a comically sub-par HW div, the UFC now has, well, everyone!






Fedor (most likely)

and a bunch of good up-n-comers!


Can't forget Gonzaga

LOL @ leaving out the number one contender, a dude that just high-kicked CroCop into oblivion.

They dont have Matty Mo! SO they dont got shit!

MMF #006

a HW div ain't shit when Fedor is fighting blown up middle-weights IMO

Matty Mo would pwn those pussies!

RedDragonUK is correct as usual!


Fedor hasn't been talked about specifically yet, but it looks like he's coming.

As for Gonzaga, I think he falls into the "bunch of good up-n-comers" catagory. One high kick, no matter who it lands on, doesn't catapult you into the Nog/Cro/Fedor/Randy strata.

So the big questions are: Can Randy hold onto that belt? Will Nog sub him? Will Gonzaga do anything? Will Fedor just steamroll everyone?