The UG has gone soft

Where are all the romo threads of fallen champs anymore? Phone Post 3.0

I want AS romos meow! Phone Post 3.0

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There were threads but they got deleted.

Honestly, I have never been a big Anderson fan. Always rooting against him, and a big fan of Weidman. Though I think in this situation, the empathy of the fans shined through in this whole mess. Anderson Silva has done alot for the sport, brought a new level of fighting to the game, ahead of his time even. The injury he suffered is one of the least probable, yet horrific injuries that can occur. For the respect of all he has done, I say we just wish him a speedy recovery Phone Post 3.0

sillyscreenname - There were threads but they got deleted.

That's weak what happened to this place Phone Post 3.0

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