The undefeated fighters to watch

Almost impossible to step up and compete in the big orgs and remain undefeated. To have more than ten fights and fight highly ranked fighters in UFC, Bellator, PFL and remain undefeated for long is rare.

Jones and Fedor did it for a long time even if their records said otherwise. Khabib did it.

Right now Usman Nurmagomedov is 16-0 and defends his title vs Primus next. Nobody else at LW is fighting a high level of comp and is undefeated.

At FLW Mokaev is undefeated.

At BW Umar is 16-0 and Daniel Marcos is 15-0.

At FW Khaybulaev is 21-0 and Evloev is 17-0 and Topuria is 14-0.

At WW Rahkmonov is 17-0, Amosov is 27-0, Garry is 13-0, Morales is 15-0 and Umalotov is 15-0.

At MW Chimaev, Eblen, Magomedov, are undefeated with more than ten wins.

At LHW there is Murzakanov who is 13-0 and just beat Jacoby in UFC.

At HW Malykhin is 13-0, Isaev is 9-0 and Gaziev 10-0 and about to fight on DWCS.

Lets see how long the undefeated fighters can remain that way. Will be interesting to see what happens with Umar and Usman, for a pair of brothers to be undefeated like that and to be first cousins of Khabib… we will have to see how long that statistical anomaly remains.

This fucking mouthpiece bum never fights.

He’ll lose soon enough. He’s only fought journeymen so far with his only top level fight being Burns, who is like 3 weight classes smaller than him and almost won.

Certainly has his work cut out for him at MW. I understand he has not been so active. Still undefeated though and he is a 3-1 fav vs Costa.

I’m still hoping for a title fight between undefeated Chimaev vs undefeated Nickal but “lets see how this thing plays out” as Dana would say.