The Voice vs. Alistair Overeem

The wait is finally over.

is happy

Jesus, that was scary.

"I will knock him out. I will humiliate him. I will dominate him."

Interesting, The Reem was originally started so you could follow Alistair leading up to the Fedor fight. However, after Fedor lost, Alistair decided to lead it up to the K1 Final.

The Reem is a really articulate guy

ender852 - Holy shit, when he was chewing the horse meat his whole skull was throbbing.
His dome looked like a fucking frog swelling up it's throat!

He could probably bite through metal. His jaw must be powerful as fuck from eating so much.

What were your opinions on his steroid denial? It's so difficult with certain people to determine just by eyesight if they are on steroids or not. I keep going back and forth in my opinion.

great interview

 just watched this, some great stuff.

its funny Reems mom is a little white lady.. lol.

Hes going to destroy fedor if they fight. Phone Post